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About Me

My main goal is to share the knowledge and skills I've acquired to act as a bridge for you to be able to go from where you're at towards a state of consciousness in which you can attain clarity to visualize your destination, listen to your inner wisdom and align with the infinite resources within you to take the next steps toward achieving your goals.

After several years of continuous training, personal practice, and coaching individuals on how to reach their personal, family, or professional goals and evolve to their greatest potential while aligning with their unique values and purpose. 


I currently offer Online Sessions and Online Training in NLP to individuals around the world looking to improve their life, relationships, health and professional development through the tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as taught by the Co-Creator of both Classic and New Code NLP, John Grinder, and the Co-Creator of New Code NLP, Carmen Bostic St Claire


I am also proud to support Michael Carroll and the NLP Academy as translator and interpreter, of the most enjoyable and comprehensive schedule of NLP & Self Development courses, from English into Spanish.   

I am an active Member of the International Coaching and Mentoring Federation, as well as the Asociación Guatemalteca de Coaching, and The International Trainers Association of NLP


About my Training

This training allows me to help you detect and understand patterns that may be creating conflict in your social, family and professional relationships. And through the acknowledgement and resolution of those conflicts at the deep structure level so you may effortlessly transform your behavior creating deeper, more nurturing bonds in social and family relationships and building greater rapport and commitment in professional relationships.

 Business Executive & Life Coach + Master Practitioner and

Online Trainer of NLP*

Through these certifications I've acquired the necessary training and practice to help you identify your challenges, define your goals and objectives on both a personal and professional level, and align them with your own life vision, resources, and models of excellence. Easily generating the necessary changes from within and anchoring States of Excellence through the application of neurological exercises.

Facilitator of

Family Constellations

Biological De-Programing + Anti-Inflammatory Specialist

These Certifications have given me the tools to help you detect the physical, emotional and environmental factors that may be affecting your health so that, along with your conventional treatments, you can understand the origin of dis-ease in and heal naturally, restoring balance and wellbeing to your life.

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*Online NLP Trainer approved by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clare and Michael Carroll to teach 

'NLP Core Skills Diploma' recognised by the International Trainers Academy of NLP